Geneva based Swiss Entrepreneur Patrick Amadieu began his career in 1986 as a CFO in a metals trading company. He was promoted to MD prior to being offered a partnership in the Geneva branch office of an international metals trading group.

In establishing his own thriving company, Patrick travelled extensively winning government contracts with China, India and Brasil, - setting up offices and empowering employees to create successful work teams.

Patrick is committed to helping young entrepreneurs realise their potential and to bring his expertise for structure and organize business in the appropriate way.

In 2012, He decided to set-up a new challenge in the internet industry.

He met Kristian Poliszczuk through a shared passion of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems. Kristian is the developer of ‘The Car Park Finder (TCPF)’ application having been given the go-ahead from Apple and with Patrick’s support TCPF promises to take the frustration out of parking in the near future.

Patrick and Kristian collaborated on creating Workango to assist people - who need immediate funds find short-term employment , as both are convinced that a lot of people have an immediate availability and need to fill few hours a day / week. They also believe that there are 1000's of companies that need people regularly just part time or short-term. Patrick and Kristian also thought that it is a big waste of time to select and read resumes to employ somebody on an urgent basis. It is this reason that they have built an algorithm that does the work for employers, automatically selecting candidates that may suit their role. Also, companies can immediately click on the phone number and chat to perspective candidates to see if they could fit the job to fill. Amazing idea!

Workango was born!

Kristian is from Coventry U.K and has a diverse back ground in business. He left school and worked as an Estate Agent in Coventry for 2 years until he was 20. He then became a property investor and has built up a property portfolio that has been operating for over a decade. He also has interests in the Precious Metal Plating industry, owning a company that he set up in 2012.

Kristian created an App in 2012 called The Car Park Finder in order to help people find the closest or cheapest place to park their cars. The Car Park Finder had over 30000 downloads in 2 years. Patrick was on a business trip in London in September 2012 when he saw an article in the newspaper about Kristian and The Car Park Finder. After a meeting Kristian and Patrick decided to enter a business relationship to promote The Car Park Finder and any new Tech ideas that Kristian came up with. In August 2013 Kristian contacted Patrick with the idea of a tool to help connect people that urgently need work with people that urgently need staff.

From October 2013 Workango has been planned and executed, and after 18 Months of hard work Workango was launched in May 2015.

The development team and development partner behind Workango is Smartnet Technologies.

Smartnet are based in Serbia and have a wealth of experience in web development and complex software development. The team at Smartnet is headed up by the company founder Saša Tančev and Saša overseas the day to day IT operation of Workango.

Smartnet has a team of 12+ developers with years worth of experience and knowledge within the IT industry and were chosen to work for Workango based on their ability to accommodate our needs.

Saša and his team were briefed on the requirements and vision of Workango by Kristian and Patrick and they showed a level of professionalism and forward thinking essential for achieving the goals required for the launch of Workango.

Since then there was no looking back; Workango all the way.