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Are you looking for work to fit in around your lifestyle? Maybe you have taken parental leave and are looking to contribute financially but cannot commit to working due to childcare or the preference to stay at home with your beautiful bundle of baby joy! Maybe you have taken a career break but are missing the buzz of the deal? Have you thought about working for a Recruitment company that doesnt set targets or KPIs, or even expect any delivery? Sounds like the opposite of everything you have ever heard about Recruitment, right? Well at Riverwood Resourcing Group we understand your situation, we found ourselves in that situation before and the difficult choice to make between working full time because you love the buzz of the deal or trying to find a part time recruitment role that doesnt exist because recruiters are machines that have to work 70 hours a week to be successful.....pfffft!!! We want you to contact us if you want to work your own hours, your own location, your own pace and with your own targets. We want to pay you 40% commission on everything you generate at gross profit, wait for it...without a threshold! Sounds too good, well it is a zero hour contract so maybe thats where you lose interest and you carry on your search, but what if, you contact us and work your own hours, your own location, your own pace and with your own targets whilst you search for that perfect part time role that probably doesnt exist. You never know, you could end up earning your full time wage working your spare time hours! After all, one perm fee at £3000 per month is worth £1200 to you! With a dedicated Business Development Manager and experienced Recruitment Team, Riverwood Resourcing Group can provide you with all the tools you need to start making placements from your favourite armchair, softplay centre or shopping centre coffee shop! Or you could carry on the meaningless search and miss the buzz of the recruitment deal! I know what I prefer
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Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom